The Coachpad - Now Available in 2 sizes!
Changing how coaches prepare and
use scout cards outdoors in practice

The Coachpad
Now Available in 2 sizes!

"It was definitely better than carrying three binders
out to practice and running off 100 sheets yesterday."
- Coach Smitty


Helping football coaches coach!

"It was definitely better than carrying three binders out to practice and running off 100 sheets yesterday."
- Coach Smitty

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The Coachpad in action

Coach Thompson at @agbluejayfball shared this from practice today… “@thecoachpad had us covered today in the rain! Easy scout cards for our team to read in the rain proof sleeve. Didn't have to waste any time. Give @SidelinePower a call today and they will make your life easier.”

thanks Coach for those comments and great to see the outdoor kit doing its thing at a rainy practice! #defensivecoordinator #scoutteam #rainyday #outdoorpractice

Watching the #MNF game tonight check out the @fnf_coaches tech edition and @TheCoachpad highlighted! #defensivecoordinator #HSFB #hsfbcoach #americanfootball

@thecoachpad is helping during the week at practice w/ scout cards but coaches are also using it on game day! Use year-round helping w/ game planning, at practices AND games😉 Thanks Coach Baird @hoisington_cardinals for the practice pic! #HSFB #CFB #NFL #collegefootball #fridaynightlights

Coaches across the country utilize The Coachpad instead of binders. Here Arapahoe Football in NE showing scout cards drawn by hand. Get yours ordered, have it next week to make your practice experience better!

#NFL  #ThursdayNightFootball #HSFB #CFB #defensivecoordinator

Great getting some pics from @garnetvalleyfb practice last week up in PA! One of the OG’s to get The Coachpad back in spring of 2020. Looks like a beautiful ☀️sunny day! #DELCO #pafootball

Some great accounts here on IG with plays and resources that can be taken right out to practice to help a Def/Off/SPT get ready for a game either as a part of your install or perhaps to test out a look you may see.

Whether from @coachdancasey @coachthatup @alleyesdbcamp @spreadnshred @thespreadoffense @allaccesscoaching @defensiveinsider you can take the plays and/or resources they share and put them on The Coachpad to take out to practice without having to recreate it on your own, use the pic they drew up!

Here is a vid showing how to take some plays from an IG account and put it on The Coachpad to display outdoors in the ☀️

@coachingfootball_com what a great webinar by @coach_pry showing these blitzes and now I can try them out at practice on The Coachpad after transferring them over via bluetooth on my phone.

Working on those scout cards today? The Coachpad can help you save time & be more efficient to enjoy NFL games & family on Sunday then your scout teams all week!

Using a computer program to create your scout cards? A large number of our users do as well!
✅Load them in seconds never stuffing a binder.
✅Clearly see scout cards in the sun.
✅Store every script and game week.

Great getting feedback from coaches!

The Coachpad is not only helpful to save time and be efficient with scout cards but also in game planning. Coaches who are using R4, Air Raid or another offensive/defensive concept to attack opponents will be able to use the templates to jot down some ideas on The Coachpad!

Great getting pics throughout the week from coaches using The Coachpad!

Checked in with a coach after a weekend of game prep…

Coaches continue w/ game prep Sundays & many use programs on a computer to make scout cards. Save time & be efficient w/ The Coachpad!
✅Still use fav program
✅Store all scripts in folders
✅Ready to go to practice in seconds
✅Clearly see in the ☀️

Coach O’Neill and Grater checking out some special teams on The Coachpad before tonight’s practice and Coach Aslin making notes to improve on.

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What is included:

  • The 13.3″ or 7.8″ Coachpad device (with stylus) shipped to you
  • Football Software 1.0 installed (upgrades included)
  • Default Football Templates preinstalled

What can The Coachpad do for me?

iPad vs The CoachPad Brightness

What else is provided?

1-Year Product Warranty

Sideline Power is committed to providing customers with a warranty they can trust when they purchase The Coachpad.

Responsive Support

With a company like Sideline Power you can guarantee help is just a phone call, email, or DM away.

A coach among us

With frequent visits to all the top clinics and conventions around the country you can be assured Sideline Power will be 'your guy' when it comes to meeting your needs as a coach.

Helpful features and set up instructions
can be found on The Coachpad YouTube Channel.

Jason Kazar

Jason Kazar

Creator of The Coachpad

Based out of Manhattan, KS I am excited about helping coaches with the never ending task of preparing and using scout cards at practice. As a coach myself, I want coaches to know I have their best interest in mind and will work to help you be as efficient and productive at yours when it comes to using scout cards. With this partnership with Sideline Power we look forward to reaching as many programs as possible to allow them to save time in their coaching duties to be with their families. We are here for you and let’s make scout cards a much more enjoyable experience! Please feel free to contact me with questions or feedback!