Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) about our coaching tablet solution - The CoachPad

Unlike other subscription models we pay for in football this is a 1-time investment. We have coaches going into their 3rd season with The Coachpad and haven’t had to pay anymore than they did when they initially purchased.

For The Coachpad kit, a 13.3″ device, the outdoor kit (includes the Otterbox holder and waterproof sleeve), the football software and any updates we do to the software, as well as 1-on-1 support from Jason & Sideline Power it is a $999 investment. Several coaches also purchase the custom carry case for an additional $100 which provides a carry case that integrates with the Otterbox holder.

The Coachpad Mini Kit which is the 7.8″ device with all the features of The Coachpad + color capability will be $599. Just as with The Coachpad this is a one-time investment!

Both The Coachpad and The Coachpad Mini can be used year-round unlike other football technology that gets stored away until next season. For the high school coaches who coach other sports The Coachpad can also be utilized in other sports which we all know the AD likes to hear. College and NFL coaches are game planning and getting ready for those spring practices like so many of us which again lends itself to being able to use The Coachpad year-round to be a more efficient coach.

To purchase just click on ‘Buy Now’ on the homepage and you will be redirected to the Sideline Power website to add to your cart.

The Coachpad itself is not waterproof but purchasing the $70 add-on as mentioned above will provide a waterproof sleeve for those rainy practices.

Yes, a large portion of our coaches use Hudl Practice Scripts to create their scout cards but instead of printing them out on paper and stuffing binders they simply download them to their desktop and then transfer them to The Coachpad in seconds ready to head out to practice. Plus, with 64 GB of storage you can easily put an entire season of practice scripts in separate game week folders to easily organize and retrieve practice scripts while out at practice, in the office, during a staff meeting, on the bus/plane, or while at home.

Yes, if you have been the coach to print 60 copies of a template off to draw each play by hand you can not only save trees with The Coachpad but you will no longer have to take those papers and stuff a binder! Using any of the templates we provide, or perhaps using one you are particular about, you can draw multiple pages using a template or access different templates for a script depending on if you are maybe wanting to be on the LH, RH, or MOF. All the plays you draw are saved and can be organized into any script you want as well as any folder organization you want to be able to access them quickly.

Yes, all of these programs (and others not noted) have a way to save as, export out, or when printing create a PDF, some easier than others. After this is done you can quickly load those plays on The Coachpad in seconds to use those plays outdoors at a practice and/or even a game!

Yes, I have a video on my YouTube channel showing how to do this or you can send it to me to be put in the correct format to be loaded on The Coachpad. Not only field templates but we can also have Player Forms, Equipment Forms, Parent Forms, Position Grade Charts, Play Call Templates, Scouting Report Forms, Hit Charts, etc. that can be utilized as well so you have an endless supply of these forms as a template all on The Coachpad easily available to be organized in separate folders where everything can be saved and synced. Instead of having a piece of paper that you have to have digitized it is already done with the same writing experience as a pencil and paper.

Yes, several of our middle and high school coaches not only use our coaching tablet solution, The Coachpad, during football season but also during basketball, soccer, and baseball. Other sports like lacrosse, field hockey, volleyball, who also diagram plays/sets up can utilize The Coachpad. Typically, at the secondary level this helps the AD hit multiple budget lines spreading the cost. We are definitely willing to work with other sports at the college level as well and will customize the templates to fit your specific sport.

No, to do any drawing on the field or to access different scripts you DO NOT need wifi. The only need for wifi is to perform tasks like syncing your files to the cloud, emailing files to someone, or other internet based features you might be familiar with.

No, the stylus that comes with The Coachpad is a special type of stylus that interacts with The Coachpad unlike any other styluses do. We do have styluses available to purchase at Sideline Power for $45 as it is a possibility you might misplace the stylus provided. We also have nibs that can replace the nibs you have on the stylus if that ever occurs.

coachpadThere is a drastic difference between The Coachpad and an ipad especially when outside on a sunny or overcast day. The ipad has a glass screen that shows just about everything but what you want when working with a huddle during scout team. We are used to ipads working well during the night at games because the backlight they have shows the video many of us watch on replay systems. However, during a practice and with kids standing several yards away at different angles The Coachpad is a drastic difference compared to other devices. The Coachpad is also a 13.3″ device so compared with a 12.9″ ipad this is a much more affordable device of that size that is actually effective to use at practice to show scout cards.

 If you get on YouTube and type in ‘The Coachpad Channel’ you will see my dedicated channel with tutorials you can reference. Find out how to:

  • Load practice scripts, or other PDFs from other programs, to The Coachpad.
  • Navigate to the Notes application and draw using the templates.
  • Connect to a Mac to access the files
  • Check and install an update
  • Utilize the cloud to sync files
  • Other features you can utilize to become more proficient on The Coachpad

In addition to the two main features of The Coachpad, loading and displaying PDFs of plays from a computer program or displaying drawings done by hand, The Coachpad has several other features. Several coaches are using them on gamedays on the sideline to not only draw up plays to communicate with their players but also to have quick access to a playbook, the scout cards they used during the week, which can be easily seen on the sideline. Other schools who purchase multiple are syncing between the pressbox and sideline so the coaches who have more time to draw plays in the pressbox can share with coaches on the sideline who are occupied with other tasks. Being able to see an X&O drawing on the sideline relayed from a trusted coach in the pressbox can really help the coaches on the sideline. Being able to share plays amongst other coaches is also a feature coaches utilize with The Coachpad using the email capabilities or the syncing to Dropbox, GDrive, or using the native cloud service. In the offseason coaches can zoom with their players using The Coachpad so they can have a chalktalk session using the scout cards they have loaded or perhaps drawing up plays during the zoom session.

Most of our users go through the PO process where we send them a quote which provides a document they can share with the business/accounting department at their institution. Once we have a signed quote, which is our purchase agreement, as well as a signed PO we can ship The Coachpad to you before we actually receive payment. You can also purchase The Coachpad directly off the website by selecting Buy Now where you will be directed to Sideline Power to purchase with a credit card. This is a method some booster clubs, bigger institutions, and even coaches who want to buy for their personal use utilize.

The Coachpad is available to purchase through

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